Ladies of Liberty Lane

In Development


What do you do when you find yourself dumped for a younger woman, left with the mortgage to pay, outdated by modern technology, and in the midst of an unwanted mid-life crisis? You turn to your friends, you swallow your pride, and you start up a phone sex business – that’s what you do. But for Brenda and her pals, living in suburbia, it’s not so easy – they aren’t as competent, liberated and worldly-wise as they think. And their initial attempts are disastrous – both financially and practically. To top it all, Brenda’s son, Scott, returns from failing at university to find a young sex counsellor, Brijeet, at the family home – what kind of mother would do that? As the ladies have to reinvent themselves once again, they decide to stop faking and just be themselves – a recipe, finally, for success and certainly a life education for both Scott and Brijeet.


Peter Hewitt


Stephen Ayres

Brian Rosen
Su Armstrong