SIXTYFOURSIXTY is an accomplished film company housing the proficient film and television producers Su Armstrong and Brian Rosen – producers who enjoy telling stories with a distinctive voice and resonant themes that connect with audiences worldwide.

The enterprise was born in Hollywood and has since crossed the Pacific to Australia. The driving force behind SIXTYFOURSIXTY is love - the love of stories that have a unique tale to tell, and the love of working with filmmakers who have a strong vision and passion to tell those stories.

The paradigm for the financing of independent films is constantly changing. This makes it essential to be able to locate and attract like-minded partners across the world in order to maximise the funding possibilities. With its worldwide contacts and relationships, and its proactive approach, SIXTYFOURSIXTY is particularly well placed to capitalise on that dynamic film production landscape.

SIXTYFOURSIXTY’s commitment is to continually source stories that take advantage of what the screen has to offer. In a world where it is increasingly hard to cut through the noise of competition, these stories must have a uniqueness that makes them stand out.