At The End Of The World We Learn To Dance

A New Zealand/Australian co-Production
In Development


In tango, there are no wrong turns. But every dance begins with a backward step.  And so it is with ‘At the End of the World We Learn to Dance’ – three love stories, two continents, one dance.  Rosa runs a successful Argentinean restaurant in Wellington but her life is unsettled.  Her restlessness causes friction in her marriage to pragmatic Ivan, and leads her to a dalliance with young Lionel.  But it is the discovery of her own grandfather Paul’s bittersweet romance, a love that started on the shores of New Zealand during World War I and ended tragically years later in the city of Buenos Aires, that brings Rosa to a better understanding of her own character and desires.  As Paul danced the tango with the passionate Louise, so does Rosa dance first with Lionel and finally with Ivan.


Dan Hennah


Beatrix Christian
Graeme Tetley

Emma Slade
Su Armstrong


Based on the Novel "Here At The End Of The World We Learn To Dance" by
Lloyd Jones