Hannah + Rebecca

A New Zealand/Australian Co-Production
In Development


It’s 1890,  in the renowned Tasmanian wilderness.   A family picnic turns to tragedy as two young girls, best friends Hannah (6) and Rebecca (7), are the sole survivors of a sudden storm. Their rescue arrives in the extraordinary shape of two Tasmanian tigers, who guide the youngsters to shelter and proceed to care for them and show them how to live – albeit the life of a tiger. With Hannah’s parents drowned, Rebecca’s father (Carsons) commences an obsessive search for the girls, and years pass before he eventually finds them – now fully adapted to the bush. Carsons’ determination to reintroduce his daughter to civilisation and to break the profound bond that the two girls have formed causes massive friction. This is a story of intense and unbridled friendship.


Vincent Ward


Louis Nowra & Vincent Ward

Emma Slade
Su Armstrong
Brian Rosen


Based on the book"Into That Forest"  by
Louis Nowra