The Nest Egg

In Development


The employees of the Baxter Egg Factory are partying - their friend and colleague, Grace, is retiring to sunny Portugal with her  wife, Penelope, who is seriously ill.  But radical restructuring of the company has put the fox among the chickens delaying the age of retirement and incurring the forfeiture of all pensions.  With the new bosses deciding to showcase their priceless Imperial Fabergé egg around Europe, Grace and her work-mates  go into overdrive, researching and planning a way to protect all of their nest eggs.  It’s a masterful scheme, but will it work?  After all, they aren't jewel thieves, they are honest industrious members of the workforce and all they want is justice and what is owed, and for Grace and Penelope to live their retirement dream.  The dexterous heist is well-conceived but badly executed.  Will our ladies achieve success and deliver the requisite comeuppance?  


Pete Hewitt


Pete Hewitt  

Phil Hughes

Su Armstrong
Brian Rosen