Spitfire Girls

A UK/Australian Co-Production
In Development


Britain. 1940. As Hitler’s war machine sweeps across Europe, one thing is certain: whoever wins command of the skies will win the war.  Spitfire Girls reveals the incredible true story of Pauline Gower as she battles prejudice, inequality, a crisis of faith and her own inner demons to allow the ATA Women’s division - remarkable pilots from across the allied world - to play a vital part in defending Britain from the Nazis. To succeed, Commander Gower and her pilots must ferry a variety of operational aircraft from factories to RAF bases throughout the UK - each without the aid of radio, armaments or navigation equipment. Before long, bigger, faster and more sophisticated airplanes are soon added to their delivery chit sheets until even the formidable Spitfire is entrusted to these intrepid young women. Their hard work is rewarded when they are given the task of ferrying a special order of 47 Spitfires needed for the defence of the strategically important island nation of Malta. But with just 5 days to make their deliveries and snow and fog covering the entire United Kingdom, the clock is quickly running out. Under the constant threat of death and defeat, the fate of the Britain depends on their success of these remarkable women.



Stephen Ayres

Su Armstrong
Brian Rosen