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Flame-haired 16 year-old Maia is deemed an outsider by the close-knit community of her home.  She rebels against the peaceful farming life and its traditions.  Her dreams are of eagle-flying and lizard-taming – but her ambition is to understand the singing silk which whispers tales of courage and corruption, silk that her father, Tareth, weaves in secret at night.  But on her Naming Day, she is called SunCatcher – a destiny she does not want even though the runes tell the truth and she must now command the sun’s fire.  

Awareness of the new SunCatcher being named spreads across the land, bringing friends and foe alike to the Solstice Gather, placing Maia in certain danger as the reigning tyrannical Queen has long believed that she, and only she, has the right to that destiny.  Aided by her friends – the ambitious and arrogant StormChaser, Razek, and the outcast and untouchable LizardKeeper, Kodo – Maia must flee across the Vast in search of the lost sun-stone. As she battles the vicious Wulf-Kin and hides from the savage Sea Raiders, loyal support and friendship come from the Warrior Women and their eagles, who have been protecting the fierce StorySinger, Xania. Now Maia must stand firm and fight for her birthright – to hold the sun-stone and catch the sun.  She must not fail.  She is the SunCatcher.





Su Armstrong
Brian Rosen


Based on the trilogy
by Sheila Rance